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Group Shot...Everyone say Cheese!

LifePrep Family Dinner!

Working hard at his On Campus Job Placement

LPS and Mentor Bonding activities off campus

Friends and Free Time!


The Life Prep Students

LifePrep@Naz is an innovative program designed to provide individuals with disabilities with an opportunity to go to college.  Created through the collaborative relationship among Nazareth College, Victor Central School District, and The Arc of Monroe County, the LifePrep@Naz program thrives on the passion and commitment of all involved parties.

The design of the LifePrep@Naz program stems from the overall goal of providing individuals with disabilities, ages 18 years +, a similar-aged learning community that allows for the transformation from high school students to self-determined and competitively employed contributors in our society. LifePrep@Naz is designed to prepare students for success, not only in the classroom, but also at college gathering places, competitive work placements, and for life in the community following completion of this college experience.

Nazareth students serve as mentors to the LifePrep students, through work study, volunteering, service-learning as well as internship and practicum placements. The mentors assist and support LifePrep students in LifePrep and Nazareth classes, accompany them to lunch and to any campus evening activities that the group plans.  Faculty have the opportunity to participate in the program by offering guest seats in their classes to interested LifePrep students.  Recently, LifePrep@Naz has stemmed into the community, working with local businesses and organizations to provide job placement opportunities for the Lifeprep Students.  This ground-breaking advancement provides opportunities for independence and real-life work experience, with guidance from mentors and business owners.

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?


The 6 Duties of a LifePrep@Naz Mentor


1. Nazareth class Ambassador:

  • Educating LifePrep Students (LPS) on campus
  • Where to find what's on campus
  • The ins and outs of the buildings
  • Questions and concerns about classes/campus


2. Class Aide:

  • Walk to class with the LPS
  • Assist with best seating arrangement in class for the LPS
  • Help get books organized
  • Understand syllabi layout
  • Remind to write down assignments in planner
  • Assist in taking notes, if needed


3. Study Partner:

  • Share study strategies and tips for effective study habits
  • Assist with organization of assignments
  • Provide positive feedback
  • Discuss the LPS’s classes and homework


4. Social Buddy:

  • Introduce to other Naz students/friends of yours
  • Attend/Invite them to a club meeting with you
  • Go to a Naz sporting event or Arts center event with them
  • Exchange phone numbers in case of questions


5. Job Coach:

  • Walk to their vocational location with them
  • See if they have any questions/concerns
  • Debrief after each shift
  • Ask them to share with you what they did that day


6. Off-Campus Job Coach:

  • Travel with the LPS to their job placement within the community
  • Encourage independence and provide guidance at work
  • Provide a next-step learning experience before graduation


Life Prep Presentation

Life Prep Flyer

Interviews with LifePrep Students

What's Your Favorite part about being a Naz student?

RC: All the different stuff we do, everyone is very friendly.

Laura: Lots and lots of independence, being able to choose what I want to do.

Katie S.: I think it's really great. I love my Naz class and getting to hang out with other students.

What clubs are you involved in here at Naz?

RC: None right now. I would like to be in the video game society but they meet after I leave campus.

Katie S: Not any right now because a lot of them are on weekends and I'm not here.

What's your favorite part about having a mentor?

RC: They are very helpful and a lot of fun. She helps with my homework and notes in class.

Laura: They help me with my homework and go to class with me- it's a lot of fun.

Katie S.: Spending time with her. She's able to take notes for me. I really enjoy going to class with her.

What's your favorite part about the Life Prep program?

RC: It's very active, we never have to just sit around and listen all day. I like Professor M's class the best (LCE-Life Centered Experience).

Laura: The social interaction. I enjoy hanging out with other LifePrep students, especially David.

Katie S.: My job- I work in the bookstore. I really like helping them get ready for the holidays.

What would you like to change about the program?

RC: Being able to do clubs and other activities during our free time and not after we've already left.

Laura: Being able to go to class by myself.

Katie S.: More jobs to pick from next semester.

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