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Casa Italiana

Casa Italiana


Casa Italiana Trip to Italy

June 2015 Tour
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Cari Amici di vecchia e nuova data, benvenuti alla Casa Italiana, a Center for Italian Studies and The Preservation of Italy’s Culture.

Casa Italiana is a small piece of Italy here in Rochester for you. Meet new friends and have interesting cultural experiences with your own friends and families.

-Preserve your rich Italian heritage;
-Learn the language of your ancestors;
-Build interesting cultural friendships with people who share your passion for all things Italian;
-Partake in organized cultural tours of Italy;

The Casa Italiana was established on the campus of Nazareth College in 1978 as a center of Italian language, literature, and culture for both the College and the general public.

A gift from the Italian-American community of greater Rochester, the Casa promotes a shared appreciation of traditional and contemporary Italian trends, exploring the history of the Italian experience in America, and enhancing cultural exchanges between the United States and Italy.

Whether you are of Italian ancestry yourself or are a "citizen of the world" interested in learning more about this dynamic country and its people, the Casa Italiana has something to offer you. Utilizing the resources of Nazareth College and the community, the Casa offers a broad range of educational, social, and cultural programs related to Italy.


Maria Rosaria signature

Maria Rosaria Vitti Alexander

Coordinator, Casa Italiana


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