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Work Study and On-Campus Jobs

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Office of Career Services
Michael Kahl, Director 585-389-2890null585-389-2890
Lisa Heisman, Assistant Director 585-389-2891null585-389-2890
Danielle Pearles, Career Counselor 585-389-2892null585-389-2892
Emily Pelkowski, Career Counselor 585-389-2892null585-389-2892

Office of Financial Aid
Samantha Veeder, Director 585-389-2310null585-389-2310
Sandy Killeen, Asst. Director 585-389-2316null585-389-2316

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Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation on how to register for HireAFlyer and search for part-time jobs. Most on-campus jobs require students to have Work Study eligibility. Read below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Work Study?

The Federal Work Study program is a form of need based financial aid which subsidizes student wages. Students with a Federal Work Study award are eligible for certain student jobs to earn money toward college expenses. Each student who receives approval for Work Study employment will be allocated a certain number of hours that he/she may work as part of the program, but not exceed. Please note, however, that eligibility for work study does NOT guarantee students a job, and they must still apply and be accepted for an available position. Work Study students receive payment every two weeks, based on the number of hours worked. Because students receive pay directly, Work Study does not credit the term bill. The standard pay rate for work study during 2011-2012 is $8.30 per hour.

What if I am not eligible for a Work Study job, but still need to work?

There are several departments on campus that hire students who do not have Work Study eligibility. This includes the bookstore and all positions with Facilities and Chartwells Dining Services. Selected other departments on occasion also hire students who do not have Work Study eligibility. In addition, a number of off-campus employers from nearby locations post jobs on HireAFlyer for Nazareth College students.

How can I find out if I am eligible for a work study job?

The Financial Aid Office reviews documentation from each student/family and prepares a financial aid package based on financial need. If you are unsure if Federal Work Study is part of your package, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 389-2310 or e-mail the Financial Aid Office

How do I find a work study job?

1. Attend the Career Services Job Fair - held in August during orientation weekend. 2. Check HireAFlyer where opportunities are also posted. 3. Attend an information session during orientation to get detailed information on how to be successful at the job fair and to pick up resource materials and confirm eligibility. HireAFlyer includes a listing of open work-study positions throughout the year, however, new job openings for the fall typically post in mid-late July. Nearly all work study positions are filled early in the fall semester.

How do I find other part-time work?

A number of off-campus employers from nearby locations attend the Job Fair that takes place during orientation weekend, as well as posting jobs on HireAFlyer for Nazareth College students. Click here to set up a HireAFlyer account.

Can I work for more than one department?

Yes, you can string together Work Study jobs in different departments, as long as the total number of hours worked does not exceed your allotment. In fact, this is often the best way for students to work all the hours for which they are eligible.

What if I'm eligible for Work Study and can't find a Work Study job?

Students should talk with as many departments as possible at the job fair, and ask when each department will get back to them with a decision. If at the end of the first week of classes, a student has not yet secured a Work Study job, they should visit the Career Services Office.

What if I found a better paying job off campus, or have decided not to work?

No student is obligated to accept a Work Study position. A student may choose not to work, work off campus, or work in a position on campus that is not Work Study approved. Significant earnings by a student either off campus or in a non Federal Work Study job on campus can affect demonstrated need for financial aid in future years.

What documentation do I need in order to be hired?

There are several different forms of documentation you can use to prove your eligibility to work in the US. Click here to download a chart of acceptable documents that meet federal requirements.

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