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Teaching Candidate Job Search Overview

Our Career Services staff put together this step-by-step guide for teaching candidates who are beginning their job search.

Materials You'll Need to Apply

  1. Cover Letter & Resume
  2. Applications (Paper and On-line)
  3. College Transcripts
  4. Credential File
  5. Portfolio 

Application Details

Cover Letter & Resume

  • Contact Career Services office for a resume review session


  • Apply on-line
    • RCSD
    • Webster
    • WNYRIC - Buffalo
    • OLAS - Eastern NY and Downstate
  • Download others from district websites
  • Essay Questions - See Writing Center for critiques


  • Official - Leave in sealed envelopes
  • Unofficial - OK to scan and upload or attach to paper applications
  • Need one from every school attended
  • Registrar's Office only source on our campus

Credential File

A credential file keeps students' letters of recommendation on file in the Career Services Office. Upon request, copies are sent to prospective employers or graduate schools. View credential file Q&A.


Different from Academic Portfolio

  • Shorter, includes selected samples of your very best work
  • Lesson and Unit Plans
  • Assessments you designed
  • Samples of student learning outcomes
  • Bulletin boards/Learning Centers

Do not include academic papers or items with comments by others.

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