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Social Work Questions

1.)  Tell us a little about yourself.

2.)  Why are  you applying for this position?

3.)  Tell us why we should hire you for this position?

4.)  What type of experience do you have that is relevant to this position?

5.)  What skills have you learned as a generalist social worker that are relevant to this job?

6.)  Tell us about your working style.

               a.)  Would you describe yourself as well-organized? Are you innovative?

               b.)  Are you a multi-tasker or do you like to take on one task at a time and see it through to completion?

7.)  When you are under pressure and have multiple responsibilities on your plate at once, how do you cope? What strategies do you use to get your work done?

8.)  This job can be very stressful. How do you handle stress? What are your coping strategies? Stress management techniques?

9.)  What is your favorite book? What was the last book you read? Favorite movie? Why?

10.)  What do you do for fun?

11.)  What has been your most positive experience in social work so far? What has been your most negative, or most upsetting, experience? (How did you handle that? What did you learn from that?)

12.)  How do you handle conflict? (with supervisors? with colleagues? with clients?)

13.)  How do you see yourself as a member of a team?  Are you a team player? What role do you see yourself playing as a member of this social work team? This interdisciplinary team?

14.)  How would your present/past colleagues describe you? Supervisors? Professors? Classmates? Clients? (What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?)

15.)  This position requires developing relationships with diverse individuals (e.g. children, teens, the elderly, single mothers, men, those with mental health, substance abuse, or criminal justice challenges, diverse racial/ethnic groups...).

                 a.)  What knowledge or skills in cultural competency do you possess that will help you work with diversity?

                  b.)  Tell us about your knowledge base or skills with this population.

                  c.)   Tell us what your approach will be to developing relationships with this population, given your differences in background/demographics.

                   d.)  What strategies will you use to develop strong working relationships with members of this group/across these diverse groups?

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