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Choosing a Major/Career

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To Do:

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Whether you’re still deciding on a major or looking to find your career path, similar steps apply:

Step 1: Know Yourself

What are your interests, skills, values? If you already know yourself well, jump to Step 2. If not, our Career Services counselors can help you using a variety of tests and measurements. Focus 2 is an online career guidance program which includes several different assessments you can take. Click here to login, and use the access code: flyer.

We have found that Focus 2 is most effective when used in conjunction with meeting with a counselor. Contact us for an appointment.

Step 2: Know Your Options

Which major/career choices fit you?

Browse through majors and related career paths, or contact a Career Services counselor, who will walk you through a database of possible matches.

Step 3: Research Your Options

Do your homework to find the best option.

Before making such an important decision, you'll want to read about your options, talk to people who know your field, and most importantly - try it out.

Read about it: The Occupational Outlook Handbook is an online resource by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that has information on hundreds of careers, job search tips, and information about the job market by state. Job Shadow and Learn How To Become also offer insight into various occupations.

Talk to people: Conduct an informational interview with faculty or other professionals in your field to get a true sense of what it's like. Visit our online alumni community or the Nazareth College group on LinkedIn for possible contacts.

Try it out: Volunteer or take an internship in the field. You can find opportunities in several places:

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