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Parking Overview and Transportation


Information for new Nazareth students

Please follow the instructions on this page to apply for your campus parking permit. Please follow the directions carefully and include both the parking permit and Title IV form. You can submit the forms via email (, mail (4245 East Avenue), or drop it off at the Campus Safety Office (21 Shults Center). Please note that your signature is required on the applications. No applications will be processed without a signature. Within a few days your parking permit will be ready to be picked up from the Campus Safety Office. For any questions, please call Campus Safety at 585-389-2850.


  • Employees are required to place a parking permit on vehicles within the first two weeks of beginning employment.
  • Employee vehicles without parking permits will be ticketed.
  • Employees and students may also park in the general/open lots, however; permits are required.
  • Please visit the campus safety office to register a vehicle or  to update information.
  • Parking permits are typically issued to faculty and staff at the time an employee ID card is issued.
  • Limited reserved parking is available for a fee. Contact the parking office for additional information.


  • Students are required to place a parking permit on vehicles within the first two weeks of beginning classes.
  • Student vehicles without parking permits will be ticketed.
  • Resident students are restricted to parking lots H, I, J, K, L, N, O and P only. View map.
  • Students may park in most lots; however tickets will be issued for parking in areas that are clearly designated for visitors, service vehicles, reserved, handicap, fire lanes, tow away zones, etc. Please be mindful of signage and pavement markers.


  • Visitors are asked to park in designated "visitor" areas or in the general/open parking lots. View map.
  • Guest of students may park on campus overnight by obtaining a temporary parking pass at the Campus Safety Office.

Low Emission Vehicles

  • In keeping with its commitment to sustainability, Nazareth College in conjunction with its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Rating System) certified Peckham Hall, will provide a 20% discount for Hybrid and Low Emission Vehicles parking permits.  
  • To qualify for this discount, the vehicle must be either a hybrid or it must meet the LEED criteria/definition of an LEV which is as follows: "...vehicles that are either classified as Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) by the California Air Resources Board or have achieved a minimum green score of 45 on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).
  • Please complete the application and return it to Campus Safety in the Shults Center, 021. All submitted applications will be screened against the ACEEE issued list of LEED 2000-2013 Certified Vehicles.  The ACEEE list is updated annually and covers vehicles from 2000. 

Campus Shuttle

  • The campus safety department offers an on campus shuttle service that is in operation whenever classes are in session. The shuttle runs daily Mon-Thurs from 6am – 9pm and on Friday from 6am – 8pm. Please refer to the campus map for shuttle route information.

Public Transportation (RTS)

  • Free with your Nazareth ID on Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and evening, Sunday afternoon.  Only $1.00 at all other times. 
  • Link to schedule and routes:


  • Parking on Campus roadways and grass areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Parking regulations are enforced in all areas 12 months per year.
  • Reserved parking areas are enforced Monday through Friday from 6am-3:30pm year round, except where designated.
  • Additional information regarding parking policies can be obtained at the Campus Safety Department 389-2850.
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