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Security Escort Transponder

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Information for new Nazareth students

Please complete the application form above to have your personal security escort device ready for the fall semester. You can submit the form via email (, mail (4245 East Avenue), or drop it off at the Campus Safety Office (21 Shults Center). Please return the application form no later than July 15. Your security escort transmitter will be mailed to you in early August. It is recommended that all students at Nazareth College obtain their personal escort device. They are free! For any questions, please call Campus Safety at 585-389-2850.

What is Security Escort?

A Security Escort transmitter is a small key-chain-sized "beeper" that when activated in an emergency, allows campus safety officers to locate and assist the individual who activated the device.  The transmitter can be used anywhere on campus for:

  • Known medical conditions
  • Medical emergencies
  • Automobile accidents
  • Witness events
  • Threatening situations
  • Physical confrontations
  • Stalked/followed/chased

 Please note that the Security Escort system is only able to be used on Nazareth College's campus. It will not work beyond the campus boundaries. 

How do I get my Security Escort beeper?

Any current student, staff, or faculty member can get a Security Escort transmitter by completing the Security Escort Application Form.  It's free. Simply fill out a very short questionnaire and within a few days your personal transmitter will be ready. The form (with a signature) can be printed and mailed to the Campus Safety Office.

Who should get a Security Escort transmitter?

All individuals on-campus should have a Security Escort transmitter. You never know when you will be in need of assistance. The Security Escort transmitter also functions to call for help in medical emergencies, giving you further piece of mind.

I already have a Security Escort transmitter. Do I need to do anything else?

It is recommended that you update your information in the Security Escort system every few years, especially when you have major life changes. Do you have a new cell number, office number, or home number? Have you been diagnosed with a medical condition or started a new prescription drug? To voluntarily update any of your information, please fill out a new security escort application and return it to the Campus Safety Office. The form (with a signature) can be printed and mailed to the Campus Safety Office or it can be scanned and emailed to Please write on the top of the form that this is an "information update."

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