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Naz Card Swiper

Information for new Nazareth students

Welcome new students. The deadline for electronic submission for your NazCard has passed. Please stop by the Campus Safety Office located at 021 Shults Center to have your picture taken. For any questions, please call Campus Safety at 585-389-2850. Welcome to Nazareth College!

The NazCard is your official identification card and identifies you as a member of the Nazareth College community. The NazCard is very essential to your day-to-day activities on campus. Be sure to carry it with you at all times.

Your NazCard will serve to provide:

  • Campus Access: Residence halls, computer labs, dinning halls, fitness center, and special access locations.
  • Meals: Used for meal plans in dinning halls
  • Dining Dollars: Used as a debit card at Collie Café, Café Sorelle, Millie’s Café, the Cabaret and Roost. 
  • Bookstore*
  • Copy Dollars*

*Requires a deposit to your NazBucks account to be able to use your ID card for this purpose.

NazCard FAQs

How do I submit a picture for my NazCard?

You have two options to submit a picture for your NazCard.

1. Please stop into the Campus Safety Office to get your picture taken. The office is located at 021 Otto A. Shults Center. This is on the basement level. The office is staffed 24-hours per day, 7-days a week including all weekends and holidays.

2. You may email your choice of photo that will be used on your NazCard. All photos must be a head and shoulders shot with a solid background. The photo should be a JPEG format with a maximum size of 2 MB. Additionally, you will need to email a legible scan of your driver's license or high school identification. No photos will be processed without this accompanying documentation. Please email your photos to The deadline for electronic photo submission has passed. Please come to the Campus Safety Office in the Shults Center to have your picture taken and obtain your NazCard.

When do I get my card?

Cards for new students (freshman, transfer, and graduate) who have submitted a picture by July 15 will have their NazCard mailed to them in early August. If you miss this deadline, your NazCard can be picked up in the Campus Safety Office (Shults 021) on your first day on campus. For any questions, please stop by the Campus Safety Office at 021 Shults Center (basement level).

If you are a staff or faculty member, you must visit the Campus Safety office in the basement of the Shults Center to received your NazCard on your first day of employment.

What if I am having problems with my card?

If you are having any issues with your NazCard, please visit the Campus Safety Department in the basement of the Shults Center. This office is staffed 24 hours, 7 days per week. Replacement cards are available from the Campus Safety Department in the basement of the Shults Center. There is a fee of $15 (must be cash) for a replacement card.

What is a NazBucks Account?

NazBucks operates as a declining balance debit card does. You determine the amount of funds you wish to deposit to use for bookstore purchases and library copies. As you swipe your card at various locations the funds are deducted and your balance declines.

Where can I apply money to the NazBucks account on my ID card?

  • Financial Services Office (accepts cash, checks and credit cards)
  • Campus Safety Office (accepts checks only)
  • Library (accepts cash only)
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