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First Aid/Medical

First Aid training

Medical Assistance

The Campus Safety Department offers emergency medical and first aid services. All Campus Safety Officers are Certified First Responders and have current certification in CPR (and AED use), First Aid, and administering emergency oxygen. The campus Safety staff is ready and trained to respond to a large range of emergency medical needs. Simply contact Campus Safety.

What if I need additional medical treatment?

The Campus Safety Officers will provide initial assessment and treatment of an injury or illness. If additional medical assistance is needed, it will be coordinated through Campus Safety.

  • On-campus transportation to Health Services will be provided by Campus Safety.
  • Medical taxi to an urgent care center or personal physician can be arranged through Campus Safety.
  • Ambulance transport will be coordinated by Campus Safety

How do I contact Campus Safety in a medical emergency?

There are various ways to contact Campus Safety. Use any of these methods in an emergency.

  • Call the 24-hour dispatcher at extension 2850 (on-campus) or 585-389-2850 (cell phone)
  • Use a blue light phone located throughout campus
  • Activate your Security Escort alarm (on-campus only)
  • In person come to the Campus Safety Office
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