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Graduate Portfolio Guidelines

Matt Bertram, 2008 Graduate Program

Megan Monday, 2008 Graduate Program

A strong graduate-level portfolio should not only display your technical skills as an artist, but also convey your ideas about art and life. An applicant to the Graduate Initial/Professional Certification Program in Art Education should submit a CD with a Powerpoint of 10-15 pieces of their best artwork. Students applying for professional certification program should include a small body of work—3 to 5 pieces—that obviously express a shared concept.

The portfolio is evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Idea development (content is inventive; there is communication of an idea)
  • Understanding of the elements of art and principles of design (dynamic, balanced composition)
  • Craftsmanship (evidence of skill; technique enhances the meaning of the art)
  • Presentation of the portfolio (professional, clean, well-organized); electronic portfolio must have documentation of images, and the images must clearly and accurately represent the work
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