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Art Education

Art is a great teacher—revealing patterns in life, providing a medium of self-discovery, communicating through color, texture, and visual poetry. The teaching of art is also an art form—a creative process where the tools of knowledge and experience are used to shape connections between teacher and student.

The graduate-level art education program at Nazareth College strives to prepare and sustain you as an art educator as you meet the challenges of teaching in today's schools and assume leadership roles in shaping the schools of tomorrow. As part of the program, you will explore, apply, question and test theory and practice. As an artist, you will continue to develop your skills and broaden your knowledge with an emphasis on the aesthetic and critical development of the artist-teacher.

Initial and Professional Certification programs are offered. 

Program Highlights

  • Nazareth College is among the most highly respected colleges in New York State for Art Education.
  • Students are taught to present the study and creation of art in exciting and meaningful ways while continuing its lifelong development in your own life.
  • High placement rate; many regional art teachers are Nazareth grads.
  • Students conduct Master's research projects, many of which are advocacy based. Some include working as teachers in institutions, or doing cross-cultural art classroom studies. We present our research in State and National professional conferences.
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