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Statement of Activities

The graphs below depict the operating revenues and expenses for the 2012–2013 fiscal year as a percent of total operating revenue and expenses.

Main Sources of Operating Revenue

revenues from student tuition and fees (student monies collected, less the amount of financial aid provided directly by the College) continued to be Nazareth's primary source of operating revenue, comprising 70 percent of the College's operating revenue in 2012–2013. auxiliary enterprise revenue, which includes room and board fees collected, comprised 20 percent of total operating revenue. revenue pie chartPrivate gifts and grants, and public grants and contracts continue to be important sources of revenue as well.

Tuition & fees (net) 70.03%
Public grants & contracts 3.05%
Private gifts, grants, & contracts 1.56%
Arts Center programs 0.60%
Investment income & gains 0.10%
Other revenues 0.97%
Long-term investment return allocation 3.74%
Auxiliary enterprises 19.95%

Operating Expenses

In order to allocate the maximum amount of resources to carry out the academic mission, Nazareth continues to closely monitor and review institutional costs. For fiscal year 2012–2013 the College allocated 42 percent of its expense budget for instructional purposes. An additional 9 percent was expended on academic support costs such as the Lorette Wilmot Library and Media expenses pie chartCenter. The College devoted 14 percent of the total operating budget directly to student programs and services.

Instruction 42.14%
Arts Center programs 2.63%
Academic support 8.60%
Student services 13.62%
Institutional support 14.84%
Auxiliary enterprises 18.16%

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