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Annual Report

Annual Report

Dear Friends,

Apple founder Steve Jobs once said, “We’re here to put a dent in the universe.” We at Nazareth find ourselves thinking about that, as we prepare students to do good work that will improve our community, our region, and perhaps even the world.

The students you will read about in the pages ahead are aspiring to make a dent— through research, teaching, community service, and more. At Nazareth College, they have found an incubator in which they can hone their talents, build their confidence, stoke their passions, and identify and begin to advance their careers. They aspire to be valuable, contributing citizens of the world, and they succeed.

Over the decades, we have sent so many young women and men into the world to launch a journey of self-discovery and to create rewarding lives for themselves and their communities. We are proud to say that a great many of our graduates keep us in their minds and their hearts.

Grateful for what they found here, they give back with generosity and good spirit. In turn, we receive their gifts with appreciation and a steadfast sense of responsibility. We put all contributions to the very best use, which means scholarships and other forms of financial aid for deserving students, support for faculty research and professional development, the maintenance and improvement of our facilities, and all else that is necessary to allow us to be the best that we can be.

Thank you for your interest, your support, and, most of all, for being a part of us. We could not do what we do without you.

With best wishes,

Daan Braveman, President
James Costanza, Chair of the Board of Trustees

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