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Need to Know: Accessing Your Fall Course Schedule

Welcome, Nazareth Freshmen!  We’ve been getting ready for all of you, and we want to give you some information to start you on your way to the fall semester.

Here are three simple things you need to do.

  1. Download and print your first ACS 101 assignment.  You must read this short article before you arrive on campus.  You’ll discuss it during the New Student Orientation with your ACS 101 class. 

  2. Read the common questions below.

  3. Access your Fall 2013 course schedule.  Instructions are at the end of the common questions section below.

Common Questions We Hear from Incoming Freshmen

Q.  What degree requirements will my fall courses fulfill?

  • P-EQ (Perspectives-Enduring Questions) courses.  Eventually you’ll take one P-EQ in each of these eight Perspectives areas: History, Literature, Mathematics, Natural Science (with lab), Philosophy, Religious Studies, Social Science, and Visual & Performing Arts. 
  • Major Courses.  Some majors start you out right away in their courses, and others do not.  Sometimes a course for your major will also fulfill a requirement for a P-EQ.  The chair of your major has approved your schedule, so don’t be concerned if you aren’t yet taking courses specifically for your major.
  • First Year Seminar.  This is any course whose code ends with “.F”: HIS.F 108, PSY.F 102, AHI.F 120, etc.  You’ll take this P-EQ with all freshmen, and you’ll do some activities together to supplement your learning. You must take one of these in the fall.
  • ACS 101 (Academic and College Success).  This one-credit course will help with your transition to Nazareth.  You must take this in the fall.
  • Foreign Language.  Certain majors and programs require a foreign language.  You must start it in the fall.

Q.  When will I get my fall course schedule?

A.  Your schedule is now available to view online.   But please note:  As AP and other college credit reports arrive, your schedule may change if we find you are registered for courses you don’t need.  Be sure to check your schedule periodically throughout late July and August for any changes.

Q.  How many credits will I take in my first semester?

A.  Almost all full-time students take between 14 and 17 credits.  Most classes are three credits each, and labs and some music courses are one-half to one credit each.  The minimum number of credits for full-time status is 12 credits.

Q.  I’ve taken some college courses already.  How do the credits transfer? 

A.  On the Freshman Course Selection Survey, which you completed in May or June, you indicated which college courses you’ve taken, and from where. 

At this point, if you have not yet done so, request an official transcript from the college granting the credit.  This transcript must be sent, unopened, to the Academic Advisement Center at Nazareth College.  Do this even if you took the course through your high school; we can’t accept high school transcripts as proof of college credit. 

Q.  I see a course on my fall schedule that I think I have taken already.  How can I remove it?

A.  Call us (585-389-2871) or email us ( as soon as possible.  We want to talk with you to be sure the course on your schedule is not a repeat of a course you’ve taken already.

Q.  I’ve taken some AP/IB/CLEP courses.  When will I know if I got credit for them?

A.  You probably indicated on the Freshman Course Selection Survey which exams you’ve.  If you indicated on the exam itself that Nazareth College should receive your grade report, we should have received it automatically in early July.  Check NazNet frequently to see if the credit has been posted to your record.   If you did not request that your grade report be sent to us, contact College Board to arrange this.


If we don’t receive your official college transcripts and score reports in the summer,
you might end up re-taking in the fall a course you have already taken.

Q.  What if there is a problem with my schedule?

A.  We did our best to accommodate your preferences for courses and times, but you may not end up with what you consider “a perfect schedule” in the first semester.  If you have a critical scheduling problem, though, please call us or email us so that we can work with you.  Some course times are dictated by your housing request, your major, or a team you plan to be a part of.

Q.  Who is my academic advisor?

A.  Check NazNet in August for the name of your academic advisor.  Typically, advisors aren’t available until late August, so until the New Student Orientation, any questions about your schedule or major should go through the Academic Advisement Center at 585-389-2871 or

Q.  How should I arrange for accommodations for a disability?

A.  Contact Stephanie Smyth, director of the Office for Students with Disabilities, at 585-389-2757, or email her at

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to call us at 585-389-2871 or email us at

Instructions for Accessing your Fall 2013 Course Schedule:

Click here to log in to your NazNet account.  You’ll find your course schedule there.


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